Glass 4 Classics Edgework. Polished or Satin finish.


Range of Glass 4 Classics Edgework offered for flat glass:

For those of you requiring flat glass, we now offer the choice of three types of edge work. Please read below for more information.
These edgework options are available for any flat glass we produce, both toughened and laminated glass.

This is the finish that we use by default on our flat glass when we manufacture it. It does not cost you any more to do this, but we feel it finishes the product nicely. We will generally provide this finish in all custom and hot rod flat glass. This is an elite level show quality finish. This glass is CNC cut and then CNC polished to a lustrous shine, that is second to none! This will really set your ride apart from the rest!

For those who may still like the quality and finish that only a CNC can give, but would prefer a look that it’s closer to the way it left the factory, we offer the CNC satin edgework as an option. This option is typically used for those of you who have cars as close factory as possible, or for those of you with rat rods and patina vehicles that do not wish to have anything shiny on their rides. Which we completely understand!

This is the edgework that we provide by default to those pieces that are either encapsulated in frames, are in rubbers or are simply being glued into an opening and will never have the edgework seen. When the glass is cut, the edges are simply dulled off so that nobody can hurt themselves. This is a cheaper option. Please note, that we will NEVER provide this option for a door window or anything that will have seen edges.

G4C Edgework Polished Satin. Glass 4 Classics.

Range of edgework offered for curved side glass:

Due to the way in which curved side glass is produced, only one type of edgework is available.  This edgework is the same as that which came in your vehicle when new. It is a nice smooth, satin finish.