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It all started back in 2003

As a 15year old, I (Nathan) saw an old FC Holden ute for sale by the side of the road and made a passing comment to dad about perhaps doing up an ‘old car’ with him one day.

With the seed planted in our minds, and with dad not needing to be asked twice, it was a matter of months and we’d found our car … An FJ Holden ute.

Classics have come and gone through our garage doors over the years. Some complete, others needing restoration. From Morris Minor Utes, to EJ Holden Utes, EH sedans and even Mini Cooper replica which we have almost finished.

We both love getting out on the road and driving the cars that we have built to enjoy. The smiles, the waves, the endless stories that people have about their own memories of these cars, it’s what makes a classic so much fun to drive!

What differentiates us?

Old fashioned customer service

Good old-fashioned customer service meant putting the customer first, solving problems and personalising every experience. The heart of good old-fashioned customer service is a real human connection – and the trust, respect and loyalty that comes with it.

At Glass 4 Classics that is what you can expect and will receive. When you contact Glass 4 Classics you speak directly with the owners Nathan or Rod, or a competent staff member.  You will not need to push dozens of buttons or be sent offshore to some call centre.


This one thing is probably what differentiates Glass 4 Classics from most other businesses in the automotive glass industry.

We are car guys and have worked on our own cars, gaining invaluable practical knowledge and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

We do not rely on information from suppliers’ data bases, put together by people with little or no knowledge of classic or vintage vehicles. Over the years we have sourced what we can comfortably say is the largest and most comprehensive library of automotive glass catalogues and literature in Australia. Literature going back to the early 1900s, that along with Nathan’s own exceptional knowledge of these early vehicles, can give you confidence that what is being supplied will be correct.

Understanding our customers requirements

In the early days and pre Covid we travelled thousands of kilometres each year as we visited as many swap meets, hot rod and car shows as we could. It was at these events that we learned what the most recent trends were and what, if any, problems restorers of old cars were facing in sourcing glass for their vehicles. With the business growing and post covid reductions in events, we are not on the ground as much as we were. Now we gather our understanding of trends and issues from the hundreds of calls we receive each week and by spending time on social media.

Why Glass 4 Classics?

How To: Video tutorials and articles to assist with your build

Quality doesn’t just happen. We are constantly in contact with manufacturers and suppliers, both in Australia and internationally, establishing and maintaining a standard that we believe is acceptable.  Glass that is of poor quality or does not fit well, will never be acceptable and will not be supplied by us. The message must be getting through, as we are frequently accused of placing unacceptably high demands on those who supply us. It’s nice to hear they believe our demands are high. The good news is we don’t compromise, and the standard being produced is high.


How can we say that? Quite simply because it’s true. Glass 4 Classics now hold patterns and templates for an estimated 8000 makes and models of cars. These patterns are backed up by an extensive library of glass related literature. We may not always have what you are after in stock, however we will do what we can to assist you source it, or have it manufactured. This is especially true for those who require custom glass for that chop top, hot rod or custom vehicle.


Throughout our years in the classic car scene, as we have worked on our various projects, we have met and been helped, on countless occasions, by many wonderful people. Many of these folk are now lifelong friends. Nathan now spends hours every week on the phone  helping people by giving advice on their builds. Further, we have a growing YouTube library of instructional videos aimed at making it easier to finish your build. We have learned a lot from others and if we can do our little bit in giving back to the car community, we are only too happy to do so.

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